Jake Alderson

Jake Alderson

Here’s some insight into what working in infrastructure is all about from Jake Alderson.

Jake started his career in civil construction at 16, working on New Zealand’s roads and operating large machinery such as excavators and graders.
He has shown a huge amount of drive, going on to become foreman of several construction crews in his early 20s. Jake was named Auckland’s Young Contractor of the Year 2018 in the annual Stellar People Awards, and also won the Civil Contractors New Zealand Training Development Award for his commitment to excellence in personal and professional development.

Good on ya Jake! Keep up the EPIC work.

Harley Haywood

Harley Haywood

Harley discovered his passion early in his career, creating specialist underground infrastructure company Utilities Infrastructure Limited in his mid-20s. His company has gone from strength to strength, installing water pipes and underground services across the Canterbury region. Harley is a successful entrepreneur who has built his business the way he wants it to be.

“Every day is really exciting. There’s always different opportunities and different challenges. Every day, I like to get up early and go to work because I enjoy it.”

It’s EPIC people like Harley that connect NZ’s houses with water, transportation and the internet. Thanks Harley, we appreciate the good work you do underground.


New Zealand needs talented people who are willing to make a difference by taking up the tools of the trade and starting a career in infrastructure.

Make a start today and you could find yourself working on meaningful projects that connect communities with transportation, connect houses with vital services such as water and electricity, or help keep NZ’s great outdoors in great shape by maintaining our waterways and walking trails.