When you start a career in civil construction, you get the chance to work in some of the most epic places around the country. From the jaw-dropping mountain peaks and majestic rivers of the deep south, to the stunning coasts and valleys of the North Island – the possibilities are endless. Read on for five of the most epic civil construction sites you could be working on.

Pūhoi to Warkworth
The $750 million Public Private Partnership project – between the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and the Northern Express Group – will provide a connecting passage, dubbed ‘Ara Tuhono’, from Pūhoi to Warkworth through stunning Northland scenery.

The project will make travelling both faster and safer in the north and supports the growth of the local economy and population.

On site, workers are treated daily to panoramic views of rolling green hills, towering trees and beautiful waters. And after a day’s work, the village of Pūhoi is an awesome place to hang out, with plenty of pubs and places to grab a feed. Kayaking in the nearby Pūhoi River is also a must-do.

At the opposite end of the project is Warkworth, surrounded by picturesque Matakana, Tawharanui surf beach and the pristine Goat Island Marine Reserve – which is incredible for snorkeling.

Transmission Gully
The NZTA and Wellington Gateway Partnership’s $850 million project aims to create an alternate link between vibrant Wellington and the stunning lower North Island; providing locals with a safer and more reliable journey between regions.

The wind is not the only thing about Wellington that will blow you away. The capital region is home to some of the most epic scenery in the North Island, with nearby walkways and tracks providing a playground for hiking and biking.

You could be working on construction sites overlooking the Hutt Valley or Kāpiti Coast, where there is an abundance of beaches, lush hills, parks and reserves. Perfect for making your mates jealous with the classic ‘Not a bad view from the office’ Instagram posts.

Tasman District Rivers Maintenance
Taylors Contracting’s ongoing Tasman District Rivers Maintenance project ensures 285 kilometres of rivers from Golden Bay to Richmond are maintained; in terms of river quality, protecting locals from flooding, and planting native flora.

Working on Tasman’s rivers comes with many perks. The scenery, for one, is absolutely stunning. There’s nothing quite like kicking off your day by watching the glow of the early morning sun bouncing off flowing glassy waters. What’s not to love?

There’s a lot to love about Tasman when you’re off the clock, too. From surfing and kayaking, to flying down slopes at Rainbow Ski Area, to seeing all of Tasman’s beauty from above as you free-fall towards it as a skydiver – adventures can be had anywhere.

North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery
The North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery alliance (NCTIR) formed to restore the Main North Line railway and State Highway 1 (SH1), after they were severely damaged – and rendered inaccessible – by the 7.8-magnitude Kaikoura earthquake.

The contractors working on this recovery project have literally moved mountains to reconnect communities.

Kaikoura has some of the most magnificent scenic backdrops in the country, and the view from the worksite itself isn’t too shabby either. On one side you have towering coastal cliffs and jagged ice tipped mountains; on the other is the vast blue South Pacific Ocean blending seamlessly into the sky, where whales and dolphins cruise by.

Awakino Tunnel Bypass
This $28.9 million project led by Fulton Hogan aims to make a more resilient route north from Taranaki, bypassing the 100-year-old Awakino Tunnel by constructing a road between Taranaki and King Country, a landscape full of postcard scenery.

Awakino River, where two bridges will be constructed, is one of the most scenic rivers in the North Island. This serene spot is bordered by lush, vibrant green slopes, and provides great backcountry fishing as there is an abundance of trout.

The nearby region of Taranaki is a North Island gem, fantastic for skiing and hiking. And the view of the snow-capped mountain from the construction site is truly breath-taking – definitely one for the ‘gram.

There are plenty more amazing civil construction sites you could work on over the summer, and lots of opportunities to build a career for yourself in the civil trades! If you’re keen to do good work in the great outdoors, why not make a start on your EPIC career in infrastructure?